Spill Response

Haz-Mat Team – In a hazardous materials emergency, prompt, correct action can save lives and prevent serious injuries and property damage. But knowing what to do takes preparation and training.​

 Haz-Matters, as a Hazardous Material Spill Response Team, has personnel trained in First Responder Operations, Hazardous Materials Technicians, and Hazardous Materials Specialists that response to releases of hazardous substances for the purpose of control, stabilization, decontamination and clean-up of the incident.

 Haz-Matters also has the necessary equipment and supplies to respond to haz-mat incidents for clean-up operations where we remove, contain, package, neutralize, stabilize, clear-up, or in any other manner processed or handled of the hazardous materials.

What is a Hazardous Material?

Hazardous materials are defined as:

 ​[A] substance to which exposure results or may result in adverse effects on the health or safety of humans.

​[B] any biological agent and other disease causing agent which after release into the environment and upon exposure, ingestion, inhalation, or assimilation into any person, either directly from the environment or indirectly by ingestion through food chains, will or may reasonably be anticipated to cause death, disease, behavioral abnormalities, cancer, genetic mutation, physiological malfunctions, or physical deformations in such persons or their offspring.

​[C] any substance listed by the U.S. Department of Transportation as hazardous materials under 49 CFR 172.101 and appendices.

When do I call a Haz-Mat Team?

Any actual or potential leaks or spills of hazardous substances requiring prompt control, decontamination, or clean-up to prevent further contamination.

Hazardous substances, even those seemingly as insignificant as diesel or oil, must be removed, contained, incinerated, neutralized, stabilized, cleaned-up or processed or handled in other manners, to provide ultimate insurability of making the site safer for people or the environment.

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