Oil and Gas SafelandUSA

We can help your company become SafeLandUSA compliant as required by the operator oil companies. More and more operator oil companies are requiring the employees of their contractors to successfully complete a SafeLandUSA orientation program and to carry on their person an official photo-ID badge indicating they have completed the SafeLandUSA orientation.

Contractor companies can comply with this operator requirement by attending classes offered by Chuck Massie through Haz-Matters Safety Inc. Not only does Haz-Matters provide safety services to help protect employees and employers and keep companies in compliance with the many governmental organizations………

What does your company do when an accidental oil or other fluid spill occurs?

For many years when an oil spill occurred a hole was dug and the oily mess was scooped up and dumped into this hole, and the hole covered with dirt. Now, these holes are reappearing as water infiltrates through the ground and reaches the oil. The water pushed the oil up, because oil is lighter than water, to where the oil resurfaces above ground; or the oil unable to rise is squeezed into other areas where in may then appear on the surface.

Why not take care of the mess in the first place? Haz-Matters can provide the necessary equipment and techniques to effectively clean the site of the mess.

Haz-Matters provides many services or even equipment for companies in the gas and oil business. Please call us and we can visit about your needs!

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