Safety Services

After nearly 20 years in the business of safety, recognition, and remediation, Haz-Matters is naturally safety oriented and has professionals to provide safety consulting, training, equipment, and services.

Safety Personnel and Managers

Need a DOT certified on-site consultant, an on-site safety consultant, on-site gas or hazard monitoring, a confined space rescue team, etc….Haz-Matters can respond and provide the necessary safety personnel for your team or project. We have properly trained personnel and necessary equipment to provide the safety for human life and property.

Safety Trailer

Haz-Matters  provides a safety trailer, manned by professionals, with all the necessary equipment to provide your company with on-site professional safety protection and consulting. Whether you’re drilling or maintaining oil or gas wells (especially with hydrogen sulfide), entering or dealing with confined spaces, welding or grinding in hazardous areas, or cleaning treaters or other potentially dangerous environments safety has to be the number 1 concern, so why not hire a professional to provide safety services for you with all the necessary equipment.

Safety & Health, OSHA Compliance​

Haz-Matters will help you create a safe and healthy working environment, which will save you time, unnecessary risk and money.  Some members of the legal community have discovered a growth industry in regulatory lawsuits–and the subsequent multi-million dollar fines and lawsuits.

​Haz-Matters, Inc. began providing employee safety training and services in 1994. ​Haz-Matters has branched out to provide comprehensive Safety and Health services to employees. We offer pre-hiring techniques, customized employee training, documented program elements, and compliance assessments.

​Haz-Matters of Wyoming is able to help you provide a workplace free from recognized hazards. Clients are able to choose from a variety of services to create a customized Safety and Health program. Whether you have 10 or 1000 employees, ​Haz-Matters of Wyoming will be there to help you.

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